One Engagement and a Band Jam

Last night So Tired gathered for an impromptu jam session. For those of you who don’t know, So Tired is a music phenomenon that first hit the stage at Eli Peng’s place a few years back. The band has been playing random gigs at various colleges since, and the fun just never ends.

Rick Large came wearing a Mu-Mu (dress for heavier women)
Tall Matt is sporting a goatee
Colin bought a brand spankin’ new $300 effects pedal that ran out of battery power
Ted Breen couldn’t make it
I had my new accoustic bass
and Steve Werlin got engaged.

Good ol’ steve h. werlin’s found himself a fiancée. Big news. I remember in third grade Steve and I got in trouble because I climbed on top of the lockers to get my boot. Middle school was a drag because we were on opposite teams for the 3 years. and in high school we’d skip out on lunch and go watch the price is right. The college years were peppered with So Tired gigs. And now he’s off in North Carolina getting a doctorate in Archeology.

Anyway, congrats to Stevo.

Weird-out list of the day: Friends married or engaged

Shaun McQuaid (first to take the plunge)
Shamus (less than a week of freedom left)
Micah (the fun was over when Evie caught the bouquet)
Kurt (poor shauna)
Steven H. Werlin (the unmarried world will miss you)

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