At work today we had a free pizza luncheon in celebration of meeting a deadline that was looming ominously over our heads. As usual, I insisted on stuffing myself with as much free eats as my stomach could hold.

This made me notice that no one else in the room was really cramming the foodstuffs. I think my behavior stems from my college mantra of never knowing when my next meal might come. Like a primitive beast, I would inhale as much as humanly possible in fear that my next decent meal might be days or weeks away.

now that I have a more regular eating schedule, I’m curious how long I will continue with my previous strategy of ‘eat until it hurts’.

One thought on “Luncheon

  • 7/26/2004 at 3:39 pm

    uh, if you’re like dad, your strategy will continue until the day you die.


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