Daylight Savings?

One of my coworker friends was coming into work at 7am every day to assist with operations. She was recently informed that her mission was accomplished and she could now start coming in at 8am.

I saw her in the coffee room this morning

Mike D: Good morning
Coworker: Hey Mike D. How are you?
Mike D: I’m pretty tired. I don’t do well with sleep changes.
Coworker: I hear ya. I’ve been getting way too much sleep
Mike D: what?
Coworker: I don’t have to be here at 7 anymore
Mike D: but the time just changed. So… 8 o’clock is the new 7. nothing’s changed for you.
Coworker: But now it’s brighter in the morning.
Mike D: What? but it’s not brighter. It’s the same as it was. The clock has just changed. What time did you get up before?
Coworker: 5am. And now I get up at 6:20
Mike D: With the time change that’s only 20 minutes difference.
Coworker: Really, I’m just complaining because the sun is rising earlier. I like it dark when I sleep.
Mike D: I am completely confused.
Coworker: Also, it’s a full moon.
Mike D: But… it’s not even a full moon that was last week.
Coworker: … but it’s light out…

I have no words.