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This past weekend Jen and I took the Parents D to see a play at the Bushnell in Hartford. It was Mom D’s birthday a few weeks back and what’s better than a theatrical production? Nothing! The choice? War Horse – complete with puppets and horses!

Gad zooks that play is dark.

I was completely unprepared for the carnage and emotionally draining plot. Sure, with the word War in the title I was expecting some level of seriousness – but there was death and destruction beyond my greatest expectations!

The production was amazing, use of sound and light were stunning, and of course the Horse puppets were awe inspiring. The puppeteers weren’t really hidden at all, but it eventually got the point where we no longer noticed them. In fact, the first half of the play was a bit slower than I would have liked… but you know… character development and stuff.

Overall, I’d give War Horse 4 stars. And despite the perhaps less than lively juxtaposition with my Mom’s birthday, it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately, the show is no longer available in Hartford – but I’d certainly recommend you go to check it out if it comes to your area.

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Feb 6, 2014
6:32 pm
#1 Kurt from Home :

I ate this great pie once. It was a little bland and had nuts on it. Once you get a bite or two in you don’t even notice the nuts anymore and the flavor really explodes. BLANDNESS?? More like TASTENESS!!! But there isn’t anymore, so don’t plan on eating it. Sorry.

Thats how I felt reading your thing Mike….I hope you feel the same way about the mysterious magical pie I really ate in real life and am not making up as I type.


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