In 2005 Genevieve Loussouarn, PharmD, Charles El Rawadi, PhD, and Gilles Genain, PhD published an article on the Diversity of Hair Growth profiles – Or, how fast hair grows on average based on race.

Their findings across a variety of races suggest hair grows by between 250 and 400 micrometers per day. Right now, the world population is 7.4 billion. For our back-of-the-napkin calculation we’re going to ignore children under the age of one, of which there are about 150 million in the world (per That gives us 7.25 billion people. Then we’ll estimate 1/2 of men over 50 are bald (I think this is conservative), reducing the number by 750 million or so… and voila! we have 6.5 billion full heads of growing hair! Using maths, and taking the mediaun hair growth noted by the scientists above of ~350ish micrometers per day, we can estimate that the world’s heads grow about 2,275,000 meters of hair a day or about 1,580 meters per minute. That’s 60 miles per hour of hair.

That’s a HEAD of hair. Now if we take 100,000 hair follicles per head we’ve got 6,000,000 miles of hair being produced globally per hour. If we could magically consolidate all this to a single follicle it would be launching hair out at about 1/100th the speed of light!

Recommended goal of humanity: increase population and expand to different planets/star systems until we are 740 billion in number, at which point we will collectively be manufacturing hair at the speed of light.


I got my hair cut this weekend. Needless to say, it was overdue.


Metric Prefixes

Metric prefixes sound a lot like Marx brother names. In fact, seven of the twenty common metric prefixes end in the letter “o”, which definitely helps*.  Here’s a list of the metric prefixes and, where applicable, the Marx family member whose name I think most closely matches its nomenclature.

1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

1 000 000 000 000 000 000

1 000 000 000 000 000

1 000 000 000 000

Giga – See Groucho under “Kilo”
1 000 000 000

1 000 000

Kilo – Groucho. It’s a shame there aren’t more metric prefixes that start with “G” I felt obligated to choose Giga for one of the brothers, but “Kilo” seems to fit better for Groucho. The hard ‘K’ sound and the hard ‘G’ sound both have the back of the throat click which I think makes this comparison work.
1 000

Hecto – Harpo. An obvious choice here.
1 00

1 0


Centi – UGH. I’m torn on Chico. I’ve listed it for both Centi and Micro. Honestly, I think Micro is a better fit.

Milli – Minnie was the mother of the Marx Brothers

Micro – Chico, yes. This is a better fit.
0.000 000 1

Nano – Gummo. The “n” and “m” sounds are close enough that I think this works.
0.000 000 001

0.000 000 000 001

0.000 000 000 000 001

0.000 000 000 000 000 001

Zepto – Zeppo, a PERFECT choice. This fits better than any other
0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001

0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001


*Extra fun fact: I never realized that all metric prefixes that end in “a” are greater than 1. And ALMOST, all of metric prefixes between 0 and 1 end in “o”




I’m extremely excited. We’ve reached out to one of our gaming friend couples, Kelly and Jay, who will be joining us on this adventure. It will undeniably be tricky to orchestrate play times with J.Atlas now in our lives. Coincidentally Kelly and Jay have their own newly arrived infant in their lives; so perhaps gameplay vacations will work out well for all. I spent a few hours of my weekend going through the accessible portions of the box contents – IT LOOKS AMAZING. Pandemic Legacy is serious business.

New Games and an Idea

This week Jen and I acquired two new games: Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. Both are considered classics in the gaming community and after playing a few times I’m surprised that they weren’t already in our collection. These are top tier gateways into boardgaming that I now heartily agree should be in everyone’s closet. Seriously, go buy these right away definitely. Right now. Do it.

While we were playing the other night, we came up with an idea for Baby D. Every game comes with three quick stats: number of players, time to play, and appropriate ages. For example, Ticket to Ride is 2-5 players, 30-60min play time, for ages 8 and up.

The idea: If we purchase the right combination of games, we could have a board game for every age of Baby D. We could then celebrate each birthday with an inaugural introductory game… It’s like a gaming graduation each year! I LOVE THIS.

The problem is that certain ages are less common, probably because of marketing purposes. Games for ages 9+ and 11+ are much more rare than 10+; probably because everybody just rounds it off. FiveThirtyEight has a fun list HERE of kid-friendly games and their recommended ages. This will be a good start.

BTDubs, here are a few favorites of our collection with a quick pro/con

Dominion – Exceptional replay value, easy to learn/some strategies are annoying and slow the game down big time
Power Grid – Incredible depth, lots of strategy options/long game and long setup
Pandemic – Clever Co-operative play/prone to quarterbacking if one player is more experienced
Acquire – DEEP and immersive/can’t really be played with two people

If you have other gaming recommendations, please throw them into the comments

Last and not least: no board game post should exist without a link to