Mike D. and the AIM Polls

Reaching back into the depths of pre-history, before mikedidonato.com was founded, before HnH, there was an initial foray into the world of Internet polls. This took form as a series of AIM polls contained in Mike D.’s AIM profile, which would be presented to the world for a week, and then the results of the poll were rated by Mike D., a “winner” was awarded, and the results put up on a very primitive web site, maintained by, well, me.

I’ve recently rediscovered the code for this web site, and the poll questions and various answers. As a nostalgic trip down memory lane, I’ll be posting the AIM Poll and results sporadically for current viewers to take a look at. It’s a good opportunity for some historical research on the roots of the media machine that is mikedidonato.com. Enjoy!

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