#47: A Little History, S. McQuaid Style

The Question

Becky says:
2005-09-01 17:57:08

When you click on the “Defy S. McQuaid” button on Mike D.’s homepage, you are brought to the page of previous answers. There’s a banner at the top of this special page. I’ve been wondering for a long time: what is that mysterious creature on the left of the banner? Is it a Jawa?

The Answer

To answer this question, we’ll need to explore some of the history of S. McQuaid. Are you daring enough to venture down that road? If so, keep reading….

Back in the good old days of 1998, I was a senior in high school. At this time I had a number of friends who were spread throughout the 4 grades at the school. One group of friends was a couple years younger than myself, and, due to my fame and influence, would often claim to be me when they saw me. Calls of “I’m Shaun McQuaid” were often heard throughout the halls of the school. Yes, I know – it’s a little weird. But so was Goya Day. Goya Day occurred once a month and was the day when everyone who sat at my lunch table would each bring in an individual Goya product, and we’d sample them all. The first Goya Day was a disaster since no one had brought a can opener, but after that things went swimmingly. Octopus in its own ink is a little chewy, but not too shabby.

How does this relate to the picture? Not very well. But one of the Goya Day participants was Dan. Dan, along with being an extremely talented musician, wasn’t too shabby with the MSPaint either. In fact, he may have been one of the first pioneers of the MSPaint genre. In any case, one day he made me a picture, which you may see here:

The original version of the picture

And when I was asked to become a regular contributor to Mike D’s site, it seemed like including an MSPaint version of how underclassmen viewed me was the right thing to do. Hence, the picture (and the name for this section of the site). It’s not a Jawa. But good guess.

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