#40: Big Brother is watching you.

The Question

ben says:
2005-07-14 09:49:10

At work we have Corporate Information Security. One of their jobs is to monitor us. In fact, they are probably reading this now. My question is: What tools are available to the CIS community and what exactly do they tend to monitor?

Thanks Shaun!

The Answer

Ben – they can do ANYTHING they want, and they can see anything. For example, here is a list of items that (relatively inexpensive) software can capture:

– Internet sites visited
– Remote data received
– Instant e-mail alerts
– Clipboard contents
– Web forms submitted
– File creation, access, deletion
– Instant messages from a variety of common clients
– Screen captures
– Program start and exit
– Password entries
– Keystrokes
– Image downloads
– MAC addresses accessed

All of this is easy for a small, unobtrusive, and invisible program to capture and store, ready for the CIS folks to retrieve the data at will.

Remember Ben – Big Brother is always watching. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

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