#32: Smokin’!

The Question

Glenn at work (I work with Kurt) Says:
April 4th, 2005 at 2:52 pm

When searching for grills and grill accessories, I came across a part known as a ‘flavorizer bar’. What is it and how does it make my steak more delicious?

The Answer

Here I am, expecting something along the lines of a bar made of compressed powder that vaporizes in heat and provides some extra flavor. WRONG!

The Flavorizer Bar is a piece of metal in a V-shape sits under the actual grill, but above the flame. (Flavorizer bars are limited to gas grills). They serve two purposes – one is to evenly distribute the heat of the gas flames, to avoid “hot spots” on your grilling surface. The other purpose is to catch falling grease and fat and, with the heat that they have absorbed from below, vaporize it into smoke that will then rise and flavor your meat. Any fat or grease that doesn’t get smoked will drain into a collector.

So, if you are really into grilling meats over gas, the Flavorizer Bar is the accessory to get. It’s like the NES Advantage controller was for the original Nintendo – top of the line enhancement to an already worthy system. (And yes, I still have one. If anyone wants to get destroyed at a nice game of TMNTIII for NES, give me a ring).

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