#31: Twitchers! Huzzah!

The Question

Kammi Says:
April 2nd, 2005 at 12:02 pm

Dear Oh World Traveler Shaun, While watching the BBC news one day last week, I caught the tail end of a story involving something called “twitchers”. Knowing that you have visited, and even resided for a time in that totally boffo country, I was wondering if you would know exactly what the heck the newscaster was refering to. Is it some new disease we must all be on our guard against? Should I begin to “twitch” do I run to the doctor a “twitch shot”. Or is this perhaps a new dance craze, a new way of walking……what? I depend on your expertise and awesome brain power to clear this up for me. My undying gratitude!

The Answer

Despite my experience with the wonderful British, I had not come across this term in the past. Some somewhat inextensive research determines that a “twitcher” is, oddly enough, a term for a Rabid British Birdwatcher. Twitchers generally are interested in rare and peculiar birds and have been known to flock to sightings of strange and unusual birds.

Apparently the American counterpart is known as a “lister”.

So no need to fear – it’s not a disease. In fact seeing a doctor probably wouldn’t help you to avoid a twitcher.

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