IKEA this!

There’s a brand spankin’ new IKEA opening up today not 1 mile from my apt. This afternoon post-work I’m going to attack the store armed with a gift certificate from my sister. This is really a monumental event as I have never before participated in the IKEA experience.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to buy, or if the purchase will be made today. But… I will get something. and it WILL be exciting.

4 IKEA haikus:

Oh, IKEA oh
how I long for your sweet sales
cheap wholesale products

When I need some stuff
And I want to buy it cheap
‘I’ ‘K’ ‘E’ ‘A’ please

I expect a crowd
at today’s grand opening
I want IKEA

Sweedish retail chain
For ‘merican consumers
Lots of wealthy blondes

Kool Aid

On those especially tough days at work, I crack open a kool aid packet, add some water cooler water, and oversaturate my solution with sugar. The end result is a taste sensation that keeps me wired for the duration of the day.

Today’s flavor is: Tropical Punch.


My sister Alicia is the closest to RockStar that any of us DiDonato’s have achieved thus far. (I’d like to think I hold a close second with the recent 8ofBass performance at wpi… but it’s a stretch)

anyway, this summer she’s doing some substituting for the flute in the Boston Pops. and this Tuesday, Bono will be singing with the group.

my sister is playing back up for Bono.

I am speechless.


At work today we had a free pizza luncheon in celebration of meeting a deadline that was looming ominously over our heads. As usual, I insisted on stuffing myself with as much free eats as my stomach could hold.

This made me notice that no one else in the room was really cramming the foodstuffs. I think my behavior stems from my college mantra of never knowing when my next meal might come. Like a primitive beast, I would inhale as much as humanly possible in fear that my next decent meal might be days or weeks away.

now that I have a more regular eating schedule, I’m curious how long I will continue with my previous strategy of ‘eat until it hurts’.

A new… look.

In an effort to make this particular website a bit more friendly, I have switched to the software wordPress. You’ll get the same friendly banter, it’ll just look different.

And…. the comments should be good to go.

Old School

my rents have a phone from the 70’s. it’s this yellow thing, mounted on the wall, with the rotary wheel and a long twirly cord.

It hasn’t really worked for the past 3 years.

my mother, sent out an e-mail to her children asking if we’d be devestated if they got a new phone. I replied that it’d be fine with me. The winning response goes to my sister Alicia who admitted:

“If we got a new phone I would cry endlessly for a week and wear
sackcloth and eat bitter herbs.”

that right there is pure genius.

CT colleges

mike d: Quinnipiac?
jill: no way. I knew someone who went there and got fat.
mike d: what about yale.
jill: (sarcastically) because their french program is great.
mike d: How about Wesleyan?
jill: ha ha, I don’t want to go to a school with a name like Wesleyan.
mike d: well, what about fairfield?
jill: no michael, no one goes there.
mike d: I have friends who go to fairfield!
jill: (sympathetically) they’re not real.