South Bend Indiana

In anticipation of my upcoming departure to South Bend Indiana, I thought I’d check out the official South Bend website.

Should I be concerned that the #2 headline is: Keeping grass under control?
The second most important thing in their town at the moment is growing grass?

I’m concerned for my sanity.

Coney Island

Jill visited friday evening. We decided to go to ConeyIsland.

Worst date ever.

Really, it would have been fine. We left at 7:00 which would get us to coney island around 8:45, before the start of the fireworks show. But we got lost on the Long Island Beltway, not 5 miles from the coney island extravaganza, in one of the most confusing road layouts that I’ve ever been witness to. We drove around for hours and hours searching. Hungry. Starved even. Desperately wanting to see fireworks and eat hot dogs. But no. We finally pulled into a diner at 10:30. ate a quick half hour meal, got back into the car, and drove back to CT. We got back at 1.

six hours of driving, 9 dollars in tolls, and 3/4 of a tank of gas

it was horrible.


So my Indiana trip was delayed. The big wigs had me come in on Saturday to work.

The entire purpose of a job is so that you can afford luxurious weekends of living in excess. When those weekends are taken away, it’s a major drag.

The Rock.

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of rock climbing. It’s been pretty wild. I think what makes me enjoy it so much is that it’s a pleasant blend of physical ability and strategy; as oftentimes you need to move your arms and legs in specific sequences to most easily climb the wall. My bud Jesse and I have been going weekly for the past few months, occasionally joined by others, and we’ve come to recognize a few regulars around the gym.

There’s Tall-Lanky-Old-Guy whose go-go-gadget reach seems a little unfair
there’s Tiny-Foreign-Short-Haired-Girl who climbs 5.11 (very very difficult) walls, but probably only weighs 6 or 7 lbs
and then there’s No-Shirt-Boy

Two oddities about no-shirt-boy.
1. I’ve never actually seen him climb anything at the gym, I’ve only seen him stroll around without a shirt
2. You’d think that being the only person in the gym without a shirt, that he’d be in great shape. Such is not the case. he’s kind of frail looking.

I don’t look down on no-shirt boy, I just don’t understand his rock climbing mantra.

These chicks don’t even know the name of my pants.

Now, I’ve been known to avoid certain appliances in the past. specifically: the Iron.

However, lately my clothes have been especially prone to wrinkles, so I decided to unleash the power of the iron upon those unwanted creases. My Iron has 7 steam settings. Each for a specific clothing material. While I usually don’t use the settings (I leave it on 3 – dry) today, I was ironing my linen pants, and decided set my iron to steam setting 7: “Linen.”

The results were amazing! These pants are perfectly flat! Are there any other miracle appliances that I should know about?

IKEA this!

There’s a brand spankin’ new IKEA opening up today not 1 mile from my apt. This afternoon post-work I’m going to attack the store armed with a gift certificate from my sister. This is really a monumental event as I have never before participated in the IKEA experience.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to buy, or if the purchase will be made today. But… I will get something. and it WILL be exciting.

4 IKEA haikus:

Oh, IKEA oh
how I long for your sweet sales
cheap wholesale products

When I need some stuff
And I want to buy it cheap
‘I’ ‘K’ ‘E’ ‘A’ please

I expect a crowd
at today’s grand opening
I want IKEA

Sweedish retail chain
For ‘merican consumers
Lots of wealthy blondes

Kool Aid

On those especially tough days at work, I crack open a kool aid packet, add some water cooler water, and oversaturate my solution with sugar. The end result is a taste sensation that keeps me wired for the duration of the day.

Today’s flavor is: Tropical Punch.


My sister Alicia is the closest to RockStar that any of us DiDonato’s have achieved thus far. (I’d like to think I hold a close second with the recent 8ofBass performance at wpi… but it’s a stretch)

anyway, this summer she’s doing some substituting for the flute in the Boston Pops. and this Tuesday, Bono will be singing with the group.

my sister is playing back up for Bono.

I am speechless.