Good morning?

J.Atlas finally slept through the night Monday night… or mostly. And of course, on this magical day that we have all been so anxiously awaiting, the cats woke us up at 1:00am by throwing up all over the carpet.

I honestly think maybe they planned it as a tiny retribution for the new member of the household who really likes to grab and pull at cat’s hair while they try to sleep.


Board Games

#1. Pandemic Legacy

Patrick. I’m sorry. We haven’t started Legacy yet. Jen and I don’t want to dive in as a two person game because everything we hear says it’s best with four players. So… we wait until our bizarre schedule with J.Atlas and the schedule of our normal gaming friends who also have an infant align miraculously. Or… we just play the two of us. I genuinely don’t know the best choice. What do you guys think?

#2. 7 Wonders Duel

As we parade abouts the waiting place on Legacy, we have purchased a few new games. 7 Wonders Duel is a masterpiece of a two person game. It’s also short. It takes about 30 minutes to play through a game, which makes it perfect for us to squeeze in a game in the precious 60 minutes that we have between J.Atlas’ bedtime and when we collapse in exhaustion. The game has wonderful replay qualities. Each game is excitingly close and enveloping. I can’t recommend this game enough as a two person game.

#3. Between two Cities

A rather unique 2-7 person board game which can be finished in about 30 minutes time. I’m on the fence with this game. It’s play mechanisms are clever, but I don’t feel like there’s a ton of reply opportunity. There’s a maximum number of points attainable so it feels like there’s a roof to success. You can read this mediocre review as: “I’m not that good at the game and have a hard time admitting it.”

#4. Splendor

This one arrived this week. It’s rated exceptionally highly as a family game and it’s strangely addictive. When I was reading about the method of play it sounded pretty boring, but after trying a game, and a second game, and a third game…. I realized it’s not that it’s boring it’s just simple. And as a simple game, it’s easy to keep playing and playing and playing. I think there’s depth to its strategy, but having only played a handful of games I haven’t yet uncovered its exciting nuances

Other games I’m interested in, but haven’t purchased:

Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar
This game has a system of gears which move resources. First reaction: Gimmick? Alas, from reviews I read it’s not at all gimmicky. The problem with the game is its ~90min play time which doesn’t really work with Jen and my schedule right now

T.I.M.E. Stories (another one-time-through game, like Legacy)
I LOVE THE IDEA OF LEGACY STYLE GAMES – except, this one is rated best with three people. And right now scheduling guests for any real period of time becomes too challenging.

Blood Rage
I was searching for games with unique boards. Most of the games we’ve been playing lately are card hoarding games (Dominion, Duel, Splendor). So I am eager for something different. Blood rage has miniatures and looks far from anything else we’ve tried. But… it’s another 60-90min game. That makes it tough.

Anyone have other recommendations? I’ve had my eye on Race for the Galaxy for awhile now too. I know that’s a winner courtesy of Tom & Mykal. Any others?

Caller ID

While on FaceTime with my parents, their land line phone rings.

Mom D to Dad D: Will you check the caller ID?
Dad D: It says it’s from Billerica
Mom D: Don’t answer.
Jen: Who is Bill Rica?


(joke explained for foreigners: Billerica is a town in Massachusetts)

That Dreaded Fateful Day

The long dreaded day has come when the clock of heredity has triumphed over my youth. My blood work came back from the labs and my cholesterol is (per the doctor) “very high”


Granted, I got my numbers during the holiday week where everyday I was chasing egg McMuffins with an eggnog latte and enjoying cheese plates as appetizers and bowls of ice cream for dessert. So there’s that.

Either way, I now embark on my first ever involuntary diet. It’s a weird diet too. Normally when people think diet they think “Lay off the carbs! Lay off the sugars! Go for pita bread with a diet soda for lunch!”

Nay Nay (watch me) my friends.

For me, this diet limits dairy luxuries. Cheese: No. Cream sauces: Nope. Foam-able latte milk: Nope.

All the creamy treats must go. Sadness.



Ahh! The elusive GlowForge for which I eagerly signed up for 14 months ago has been delayed again. Now we’re talking July of 2017. DANG IT.

Having experienced the joys of product development, I can understand the delays. I’m obviously disappointed – but that’s how complicated machines come together. I respect the optimism of the GlowForge team and will take the additional time before the arrival of the GlowForge to become a software expert. By the time this monster reaches our doorway, I intend to be able to take full advantage.

One of the first projects I want to complete is the cutting and construction of a briefcase. Perhaps I should learn some basic leather working skills now so that I can achieve lasery leathery greatness more quickly. Oh the things to learn!


The Progression of Doughnuts

In my youth, you couldn’t convince me to go anywhere near a plain doughnut. It was Boston Cream or Lemon filled Powdered doughnuts 100%. Munchkins from Dunkin’s were mostly disappointing because, with the exception of the Jelly which as a tenuous descendant of fruit always seemed too healthy to me, none of the selections had fillings, frostings, or sprinkles.

At some point in high school I swore off the filled doughnuts in some sort of doughnut coming of age – swearing my allegiance to glazed doughnuts for the next 10 years. Chocolate glazed opened the door to honey glazed which earned its respect as I began to drink coffee. But now even a subtle glaze is often too sweet.

I firmly reside in the plain doughnut era of my life.

What’s past the plain doughnut stage? Maybe the doughnut will remain the same but I’ll find myself eating them in rocking chairs. Perhaps on front porches accompanied by purposely bitter brews. Maybe I’ll find myself complaining more about kids as I eat my old fashioned doughnut.

Maybe those kids should turn down their music.

Maybe they should get the heck off my lawn.


You know what’s a strange word?


It’s almost exclusively used around kids. You never hear adults referring to each other as grown-ups.

According to Grammar-girl (one of my favorite resources for strange grammar questions), ‘Grow up’ is a phrasal verb and ‘Grown up’ is the past participle* When it’s used as a noun, it needs a hyphen.

*fun fact: present and past participles confused the heck out of me when I learned about them in Spanish class because I didn’t remember ever learning about them in English class first.