I smashed up my hand in a pretty gnarly way last week. My ring and pinky finger on my left hand got squeezed between a roller and a metal plate – Ouch. After some grimacing and furious first aid, I zipped over to a local clinic where I got some stitches and care.

The ring finger had a shallow laceration about 30mm in length. Four stitches fixed that one up. Those stitches come out late this week. Total recovery time is a few weeks.

The pinky… that one got gross. The nail pulled out from its root and there was a short laceration at the edge of the nailbed that the doctor opted not to stitch because of its location. It’s pretty gross, but luckily there’s nothing permanent. The finger tip looks kinda like what you’d expect a mushed pinky to look like. Recovery is a few months.

Fun vs Funk:

Fun – only that the injury wasn’t worse.
Funk – Mostly the whole thing. Especially that its my guitar fingering hand.


I made a Flying Elvis out of brownie bits in preparation for the big game last night.

It might not be the most beautiful Flying Elvis you’ve ever seen, but I bet it’s the most beautiful brownie Flying Elvis you’ve ever seen.

Mythical Creatures in Space

The other day I was casually considering where various mythical creatures would thrive in space. Here were some of those thoughts:

Werewolves – any moon of Jupiter: There’s almost guaranteed to be a full moon somewhere amongst those 67 orbiting bodies. It would be perpetual werewolf.

Vampire – the dark side of a planet tidally locked with its sun. Convenient but for the likely lack of food.

Zombies – As far as I can imagine, Zombies really have no limitations in space. Though I wonder if the cold of deep space would freeze their postmortem animation. Jen points out that the Reavers in Firefly were kinda like Zombies. Great point Jen!

Sirens – Space Sirens sound like they could make for an amazing sci-fi story, although probably more along the lines of Kirk’s star trek than Picard’s. I’m not sure how Space Sirens would work. A quick google search reveals that apparently there’s an adult video game called Space Sirens. Way to be innovated adult industry, way to be innovative.

Chupacabras – What with their dependency on goats and other livestock, I think these are fated to stay on Earth. Again, google returns results: a comical children’s play called The Secret of the Space Chupacabra!

And that’s about where the thought experiment ended. Like the Chupacabras, most other mythical monsters seem to be bound to Earth in one way or another: Loch ness – specific to that lake in Scotland. Mummies? Consistently Egypt. Headless horsemen? Sleepy Hollow in the 1800’s.

A fun topic of thought regardless.

Sneaky Pete and other Streamables

Jen and I splurged and got a new television. LG OLED!


It’s true. And exploring the UltraHD television/movies has been joyously relaxing. Here are some of our recent watches:

  1. Westworld – HBO: Pretty good! A little weird. Like, why the western theme? If I were to build one of these, I think I’d build something that had different genres in different sectors. Then again, perhaps there’s a SouthWorld and NorthWorld that have Sci-fi or Horror themes that we haven’t learned about yet. There’s potential here HBO. Strong Potential. Sometimes the show feels like an over ambitious blend of Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Everyone’s wearing cowboy getup, but look out! there are probably cylons amongst us.
  2. Sneaky Pete – Amazon Prime: DAAAAANG. So good.  Way better than I expected. I wasn’t a huge fan of Giovanni Ribisi, the lead actor, but now I consider myself converted. The acting is great and the storyline is rich. It has Bryan Cranston in it, so it’s probably not coincidental that the show has a strong Breaking Bad feel to it. Each episode feels like the characters keep adding Dominos to an already precariously long row of Dominos, eager to tumble. Two Mike D thumbs up.
  3. Zootopia – Netflix: Hilarious.
  4. Midnight special – HBO: Ehhhhhh, I was so excited for this movie! It seemed unique and different and mysterious. When it showed up on our HBO feed I begged Jen to add it to our watch list. But mostly it was just okay. It rides a fun concept, but wasn’t particularly riveting for me. Eh.

Any fun shows/movies you recommend we explore next?

Important Buttons

Here is the convenience cooking button template for our Microwave

POPCORN: Yes. Definitely.

BEVERAGE: Soooooo useful! Cider, Coffee, Tea? Whatever your heart desires at perfectly hot but not scalding temperatures.

REHEAT: IDEAL LEFTOVERS TEMPERATURE ALMOST EVERY TIME. No more rough approximations that result in hot edges and cold centers. This button does it all.

POTATO: What? Who the heck cooks their potatoes in the microwave? Is this a thing? I’ve never done this. If you asked me for top ten microwave uses, I would never have thought to include heating a potato. Am I weird? Do most people microwave their potatoes? Are potatoes tricky to reheat? Does it require some sort of special microwave algorithm for optimum cookedness?

I have so many questions.

Good morning?

J.Atlas finally slept through the night Monday night… or mostly. And of course, on this magical day that we have all been so anxiously awaiting, the cats woke us up at 1:00am by throwing up all over the carpet.

I honestly think maybe they planned it as a tiny retribution for the new member of the household who really likes to grab and pull at cat’s hair while they try to sleep.


Board Games

#1. Pandemic Legacy

Patrick. I’m sorry. We haven’t started Legacy yet. Jen and I don’t want to dive in as a two person game because everything we hear says it’s best with four players. So… we wait until our bizarre schedule with J.Atlas and the schedule of our normal gaming friends who also have an infant align miraculously. Or… we just play the two of us. I genuinely don’t know the best choice. What do you guys think?

#2. 7 Wonders Duel

As we parade abouts the waiting place on Legacy, we have purchased a few new games. 7 Wonders Duel is a masterpiece of a two person game. It’s also short. It takes about 30 minutes to play through a game, which makes it perfect for us to squeeze in a game in the precious 60 minutes that we have between J.Atlas’ bedtime and when we collapse in exhaustion. The game has wonderful replay qualities. Each game is excitingly close and enveloping. I can’t recommend this game enough as a two person game.

#3. Between two Cities

A rather unique 2-7 person board game which can be finished in about 30 minutes time. I’m on the fence with this game. It’s play mechanisms are clever, but I don’t feel like there’s a ton of reply opportunity. There’s a maximum number of points attainable so it feels like there’s a roof to success. You can read this mediocre review as: “I’m not that good at the game and have a hard time admitting it.”

#4. Splendor

This one arrived this week. It’s rated exceptionally highly as a family game and it’s strangely addictive. When I was reading about the method of play it sounded pretty boring, but after trying a game, and a second game, and a third game…. I realized it’s not that it’s boring it’s just simple. And as a simple game, it’s easy to keep playing and playing and playing. I think there’s depth to its strategy, but having only played a handful of games I haven’t yet uncovered its exciting nuances

Other games I’m interested in, but haven’t purchased:

Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar
This game has a system of gears which move resources. First reaction: Gimmick? Alas, from reviews I read it’s not at all gimmicky. The problem with the game is its ~90min play time which doesn’t really work with Jen and my schedule right now

T.I.M.E. Stories (another one-time-through game, like Legacy)
I LOVE THE IDEA OF LEGACY STYLE GAMES – except, this one is rated best with three people. And right now scheduling guests for any real period of time becomes too challenging.

Blood Rage
I was searching for games with unique boards. Most of the games we’ve been playing lately are card hoarding games (Dominion, Duel, Splendor). So I am eager for something different. Blood rage has miniatures and looks far from anything else we’ve tried. But… it’s another 60-90min game. That makes it tough.

Anyone have other recommendations? I’ve had my eye on Race for the Galaxy for awhile now too. I know that’s a winner courtesy of Tom & Mykal. Any others?