The Wedding!

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Wedding Eve.

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Jen: We really have to do something about that rogue eyebrow hair.
Mike D: Jen. Stop picking my face all the time.
Jen: It’s not all the time, it’s only when your eyebrows are saluting me from your forehead; standing at attention going “heeeeeeeeeeeey!”

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Marriage comes in two days and admittedly, I’m a little nervous. It turns out there’s a lot of planning in these events and timeliness and orderliness are fairly important. Really, I’m just hoping all parties involved have fun.

This one will be a very small event. Still, fun potential is high. The weather looks beautiful, and the trees are colorful like whoa. We have an awesome array of music planned for the afternoon with some jazz via my guitar teacher and some flute work via Alicia. And the food will not disappoint.

Jen and I are taking Monday and Tuesday off to relax after the big day.

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Every once in awhile, life kicks you when you’re down.

Shamus, currently residing in New Jersey, had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand recently. It started with the untimely death of his vehicle.

Wednesday 10/2
Shamus brought his Lancer into the shop as it was making a disconcerting rattle. The rattle turned out to be the frame which was rusted out to the point where the engine was at the brink of launching itself out of the vehicle and hurdling down the street. Add some other loose heat sheilds and inconveniences, and Shamus decided it was due time to buy new.

Friday 10/4
Hastened by the complete failure of the Lancer, Shamus moved quickly on a new car. That Friday, Shamus decided on a 2013 Corolla.

Sunday 10/6
The clouds darkened in deep foreboding, foreshadowing Shamus’s pending torment.

Monday 10/7 14:30:00
The new 2013 Corolla was delivered.

Monday 10/7 15:16:00

A tornado touches down in New Jersey.

New Jersey, which averages about 3 tornados per year, decided to specifically target Shamus. The funnel touched down in a park just to the North East of Shamus’s location. It then b-lined it directly to Shamus’s car where it crushed it under a tree.

The Path.

The Path.

Fun fact: the other marks on that map are where Shamus and his family were residing at the time of the incident.



Shamus, do keep us updated on whether you get reimbursement for this fiasco. This is really lousy. All that aside, I’m glad you and your loved ones are unharmed.

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Earlier this year I spent somewhere near to 10 weeks in Ohio on an installation job. While I was out there, I got my pinky finger bashed between two metal plates. It was very painful.

Turns out I broke it.

I had to baby it a bit due to pain, but with the aggressive schedule in Ohio and my stubbornness, I never went to a doctor. It healed all wonky like and now I can no longer straighten that finger.

That's as straight as it gets.

That’s as straight as it gets. Also, this is a weird perspective.

The worst part is that it’s on my left hand. That’s my fingering hand for guitar. Except… my guitar playing has improved.

I have had trouble for a long time with keeping my pinky finger close to the strings. The closer your fingers to the strings, the less time it takes to depress a string – the faster you can play.

Now that I can’t straighten my finger, it is forced to bend closely towards the strings. I can wail!

While it doesn’t speak highly of my guitar playing if broken fingers improve my performance, I find it fitting that metal indirectly improved my ability to shred.


Nobel Prize

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It’s worth noting that James is interviewing with Nobel Prize winner James Rothman later this month for a job.

No pressure or anything James.

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On Friday, after a trip to the town hall for a marriage license, Jen and I were lucky enough to redeem an invitation to the Hartford NPR studios to sit in and watch the production of the Colin McEnroe show. Sean the Shark, one of my fellow Roller Derby announcers, linked us up with Chion Wolf – a producer/NPR personality. We reached out and got hooked up for Friday’s ‘The Nose’

We got to the studio at 12:30 where we relaxed in the lobby chatting with a few of the show’s participants until we were brought upstairs to the studio proper. The acoustics were AMAZING. The sound carried beautifully, but didn’t linger. Grapefruit sized microphone foam covers hung from jointed mic booms. The room was eclectically adorned with John Dankosky coffee mugs and posters for local shows.

Jen and Mike at WNPR
(photo by Chion Wolf)

We met Chion who graciously offered us one of two awesome seating locations to observe the show: next to the guests, or in the production control room. We chose the production control room; this was the right decision.

The studio exists in a weird duality where urgency is married to a patient calm. “Come on in we have three minutes,” Chion invited, “that’s an eternity.” When things have to happen, they are executed with heightened focus and haste. Yet the spans between these moments of intensity are relaxed.

The production room was arrayed with computer screens, knobs, and buttons. All parties communicated via instant messenger for important show communiqu├ęs, while studio audio buzzed in the control room via big speakers. Chion walked us through each of her tasks from the show prep, to the careful timing of events, to the handling and managing of listener phone calls.

Our 90 minutes behind the NPR doors flew by. It was enlightening and educational. Jen and I got to see a unique side of the NPR world. An unforgettable experience!

A huge thanks to Sean the Shark, Chion Wolf, and the NPR staff for welcoming us into their studio.

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This weekend Jen and I spent some time with her Step-Brother and Sister-in-law for some engagement photos. Brandon and Christine are photographers and graciously offered their services for our event.

The pictures came out pretty awesome. And not only did we get some professional pictures of us, but Brandon and Christine are mega fun and were willing to take some laughable photos too. These are my favorites from both catagories:







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