Wish Corruption

Shaun McQuaid says:

Let’s play a game. It’s called “wish corruption”. It goes something like this…

I make a wish. For example:
“I wish I had fries with my lunch.”

The next person grants the wish, but corrupts it.
“Granted, but the fries are 2 weeks old.”

I think this could easily break the highest comment count, if we do it right…

I’ll start.

I wish I had a laser beam mounted on my car.

171 comments on “Wish Corruption”

  1. Kurt from Work Reply

    Presto Chango your headaches go away and are now back aches. Ouch!

    I wish I had the Delorean from Back to the Future. Not the Plutonium powered one. the Mr Fusion Powered one.

  2. Jes Saint Reply

    Congratulations, Kurt! You are now the proud owner of the compost-eating Delorean from Back to the Future II! Too bad you wrecked it on the way back from 2047.

    I wish I could control computers with my mind.

  3. Kurt from Work Reply

    Nothing really changes. You DO control computers with your mind! Impulses from your mind travel down your nervous system to your fingers which them move striking the keys on your keyboard. AMAZING!

    I wish MikeD Shaved his head.

  4. Anita Clue Reply

    Way to go Kurt! Mike D has shaved his head, but only because he lost a bet that he couldn’t get a lingerie model to go out with him. With any luck, you’ll be invited to the wedding.

    I wish snow shoveled itself.

  5. Patrick Reply

    Granted. But the snow from your yard decides to shovel itself onto your driveway and porch. You’ve now got an emerald jewel of a yard… but you’re trapped in the house!

    I wish that tomorrow’s orienteering race wasn’t canceled because of the snow/ice.

  6. Jes Saint Reply

    Tomorrow’s orienteering race is back on! Have fun running through the blizzard.

    I wish tomorrow was Christmas.

  7. Anita Clue Reply

    Tomorrow IS Christmas. And both sides of the family (along with your siblings’ in-laws) are coming to your house. Plus…there will be alcohol involved.

    I wish to enjoy my birthday this year.

  8. Anita Clue Reply

    I’m impatient so I’m going to corrupt my own wish.

    I will enjoy my birthday this year. But it will be the last one i enjoy cause the rest of them are going to suck.

    I wish pizza was free.

  9. Jes Saint Reply

    Pizza is free! But delivery costs have gone up 1000% and they’ve done away with dining in and takeout.

    I wish I had a 1968 Mustang convertible.

  10. Chip Reply

    Shazam…you have a shiny new 1968 Mustang matchbox convertible…that you can’t get out of the box.

    I wish I was Mr. Incredible…

  11. sarah t Reply

    Granted! Except THIS Mr. Incredible is the mascot for Mr. Incredible’s Ultimate Dogs, and you must dress up as a giant hot dog and roam the streets of NY singing a jingle and being spat upon by judgmental teenagers.

    I wish I could beat Mike D at Scrabble.

  12. Patrick Reply

    Granted. You beat Mike D at Scrabble. But he beats you at everything else.

    I wish my flight doesn’t get canceled so I can make it home for Christmas.

  13. Anita Clue Reply

    Your flight does not get cancelled, but you get on the wrong plane and end up in Ohio for Christmas.

    I wish I could build my kids the best snow fort ever!

  14. Patrick Reply

    Granted, but you build it out of yellow snow and your kids want nothing of it.

    I wish I could come up with a wish that was impervious to wish corruption.

  15. Jes Saint Reply

    Patrick has done the impossible, and come up with a wish that is incorruptible. But he decides to be a nice guy, and not share it, thereby allowing the game to go on.

    I wish I could ice skate on the moon.

  16. sarah t Reply

    Make that “He beats you at everything else AND Scrabble” and it would unfortunately be the truth. I hate losing…

  17. Chris Reply

    NASA miraculously gets funding again and decides to send you on a moonwalk with ice skates attached to the bottom of your space suit. On your first attempt to glide across a crater on your blades, you realize you can’t receive traction to change your trajectory in the moon dust, end up crashing into a discarded lunar cruiser car from a previous NASA mission, and NASA abandons you on the moon as a failed experiment like so much other space junk over the years.

    I wish I dated a Victoria’s Secret model.


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  19. Chris Reply

    I don’t think this person knows how to play the game.

  20. smcquaid Reply

    Granted! You dated a Victoria’s Secret model, in a past life, that you cannot recall.

    I wish this thread would come back to life.

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