Threadless Designs

Chris sent me a quick e-mail yesterday advertising his friend’s work on Threadless. Feel free to check it out here! They are comic bookesque, and if you like the designs, vote! In Chris’s words:

This is a link to my best friend’s t-shirt submissions to help move his art career forward a little. If you could promote it on your site and encourage people to vote 5 out of 5 on his designs, his three children and I would really appreciate it. Yes, I just used his children as guilt weapons.


Longtime reader Ben is looking for some advice from Team D. Ben asks:

How long does a laptop last? How long have you kept your laptop?

Apparently, Mr. Ben has an aging computer and he’s interested in getting a new one – but he’s having a hard time deciding if it’s the best move.

Leave your answers in the comments

In other quick news, I’ll be taking a little more time off from normal posting this week. I appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, there will be a Roller Derby recap of Saturday’s bout as well as a highly anticipated review of the KFC double down courtesy of Shaun L. Stay tuned.