Read the following in your best ‘movie preview’ voice.


Upon the recommendation of the Faculty and by the authority vested in the Board of Governors, The University hereby confers upon Michael A. DiDonato the degree of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with all the honors, rights and privileges appertaining thereunto. Given under the seal of the University at West Haven, Connecticut on the seventeenth day of January, two thousand and nine.

If you want, you can call me Master D.

B- is the new A.


I got a B- in Vibrations! This is great because:

1. My engineering degree is now officially over
2. I get reimbursed by my company!

Such great news!

In other great news, I got A’s in both of my MBA classes for the fall semester. Yes!


I’ve taken my last mechanical engineering final. My Vibrations class ended last night and with it, my mechanical engineering masters program.*

I’m not overly excited because I went through all the joy and celebration when I thought I was done last June. But even still, having an extra night every week come 2009 will certainly be a plus.

I have 64 hours of MBA class remaining. It will all end on Valentines day 2009. That will be my first day of freedom from academia.

I intend on sleeping in.

*provided I pass.