MBandA Round Two

This is Round Two of the Movie Before and After adventure.
To learn how this works, go here.

Please feel free to post answers in the comments!

7. Giant mechanized spider terrorizes President Grant while singing, “I feel pretty! Oh so Pretty!”
(answer in comments – Jocelyn)

8. Parents get revenge on rapist prison escapees who fail to disappear in the rapture
(answer in the comments – way to go Tom!)

9. Jason Voorhees wakes up to find he’s switched bodies with his totally uncool mom
(answer in comments – Jocelyn again!)

10. Heroine addicts’ lives fall apart when they become 1960’s soul singers
(answer in the comments – point goes to Jocelyn)

11. A poor atheist boy finds a golden ticket in his candy bar and moves to a town where he is scorned by the local religious for his sweet confections. Also? Pirates.
*(note, this one doesn’t exactly follow the game rules)
(answer in the comments – Tom again!)

12. Rejected robotic boy survives 2000 years to find the cure for those plagued with a bloodthirsty virus
(answer in the comments – Chris!!)

Point tally thus far:
Jocelyn: 7
Sander: 2
Tom: 2
Chris: 1

Note: tomorrow’s post will appear promptly at 9:30am

MBandA Round One.

This is Round One of the Movie Before and After adventure.
To learn how this works, go here.

Please feel free to post answers in the comments!

1. A black woman regains her self confidence by driving a Delorian at 88mph
(answer in comments – Bravo Jocelyn)

2. A vietnam veteran goes back to rescue the people of Santa Poco from El Guapo
(answer in the comments – Joceyln again!)

3. Meg Ryan gets hit by a bus guided by helpful baseball playing seraphims
(answer in comments – jocelyn gets it!)

4. A neo-nazi skinhead joins an elite team of mutants
(answer in comments a la Jocelyn)

5. A group of educated Chinese rebels help start a revolution against a singing mayan llama
(answer in comments – Sander gets a point!)

6. Cera lookalike creates rules for surviving five undead tiny orphaned dinosaurs
(answer in comments – Sander gets another!)

Today’s point tally:
Jocelyn: 4
Sander: 2

NOTE: tomorrow’s post will appear promptly at 9:30am EST.

Movie Before and After

Recently I was perusing reddit, as I often do, and I came across a hilarious game called Movie Before and After.

It goes like this. I take two movies and mash the plots up together. You then need to identify the movies. To help you out, the last word of the first movie is the first word of the second movie.

For example (from reddit)
A roomful of average New Yorkers is ready to convict a young man of murder, until two well dressed intelligence agents kill a bunch of sometimes comical aliens.

Answer: 12 Angry Men in Black
(highlight for the answer)

On Friday night after a delicious meal, Vivienne, Jesse, Kevin, and I worked together to make up an awesome list of our own Movie Before and Afters to share with you.

SO this whole week, starting tomorrow (Monday) I will post a couple of these each day. I am automatically scheduling the posts for 9:30am EST.