Site 2k6

Welcome to 2k6!

Lots of improvements to the site, some easy to see, some under the hood. Let me give you a quick walkaround:

  • Crazy Columns: Now with 50% more columns that the previous version of!
  • Fancy Features: A little filmstrip like section in the left column that provides a heads up to that day’s new feature. It might be a new food adventure, a Defying of McQuaid, a video, who knows!
  • Quick Thoughts: MikeD wanted a way to post smaller than usual posts, so voila!
  • Fresh Sayings: A new tagline will appear whenever you visit Theoretically, new ones will be added all the time!
  • Unread Comments: The sidebar will alert you to new comments throughout the site and the new ones will be highlighted once you get there!
  • Live Things: LiveSearch and LiveCalendar for quicker searches via date or keywords!

Known Issues:

  • Threaded comments bust out of their cages in Firefox. They are still functional, so its not a dealbreaker.
  • Email page is wacky in Internet Explorer.
  • LiveSearch is broken in Internet Explorer. You can still type something in and press enter to search normally.

Please comment with your kudos or to let me know of any other bugs that may have escaped our testing!

comments +2

Is that how the rpg kids do it? I don’t know…
oh well.
Since I’ve abstained from the clown drawing competition, I’ve decided to shower the site with plugin powered updates!

So now there are new superpowers all over!

  • Threaded comments! The way things have been going around here, I’ll probably end up turning the comment backend into a full BBS forum thing from the 80s but for now, this will be awesome enough.
  • Edit your comments! Make a typo? fix it yourself!
  • Subscribe to comments! Want to know the instant that someone responds to your witty comment so you can zing them back to the stone age? Now you can get an email the instant it happens!

Mostly, my comment file already had all these comment upgrades piled into it and there was no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Mad props to all the clown entry artists. I’m glad that I didn’t enter.

mcquaid page improved

Even though Mike didn’t actually follow the plan and didn’t forward Shaun’s request to fix his page of defiance to me, I did it anyways.

So go forth and revel in the memories of questions past and ask some more.

(McQuaid, Get to the one about the Flavorizer bar)

Addendum: Alicia’s movie review page was also updated once I realized they were practically the same thing.