Site Speed

I have enabled behind the scenes caching for the site and it seems to be going at a decent clip.
It expires once an hour, so if you visit more often than once an hour, things may repeat themselves. If this makes no sense, (which it shouldn’t) then you’re fine. If you’re experiencing the repeating that is usually tallied up to Deja Vu, be advised, it is probably not a glitch in the matrix and just leave a comment in this post on the subject.

Yours in Rock,

Regarding Comments

Friendly neighborhood site manager Jon Abad here.

Sorry for the inconvenience with the comments recently. I did a hasty upgrade and it seems to be choking on something. Most comments are making it through alright, no matter how much code is being spit back in your face. If you are losing comments, contact MikeD or myself. Actually, contact me. MikeD seems to forget to tell me on occasion.

I am in contact with a team of Japanese scientists and we’ll have this problem fixed lickety split.

Yours in Rock,
Jon Abad