The Great Seed Experiment of 2014

One of the prominent features of the new House is a beautiful picture window off the breakfast nook where we can watch wildlife.

We purchased a cheap plastic cylindrical bird feeder to reside outside this window and our winged friends have been all over it. When the Parents D came to visit this weekend, they pointed out that our seed choice could use an upgrade.

And thusly begins the Great Seed Experiment of 2014.

Our cheap seed was mostly millet. It’s hilarious to watch the birds actually toss the millet aside to get to the good stuff. For our test, we bought a mid-expensive big back of black oil sunflower seeds and a fairly expensive blend of sunflower seeds, nuts, and other seeds.

We will fill the feeder with each type and time how long it takes the birds to empty the feeder. We’re approaching two weeks for the cheap millet. Once we know the favorite, we will buy in extreme bulk.

Note: For one reason or another, there are not many squirrels in our neighborhood. So far, we haven’t had to fight off seed thieves.

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