Oh, hello there.

Hi Internet.

I’m really sorry I’ve been neglecting you lately. Sometimes I guess life moves so fast that you forget to stop and update the roses, so to speak. So… What has been going on? Well, my new job has got me pretty crushed for time. I’ve been working extra hours whenever I can to try and reduce the threat of my to do list whose status is beginning to challenge the Illiad both in length and monotony. That said, I’ve been having a ton of fun. It feels great to be completely swamped with work. The days always go by a bit faster, and it’s confidence building to find yourself defeating problem after problem.

Along other avenues, I have been continuing with my workouts and have been trying to get back into climbing a little bit in prep for the summer. Sadly, my participation at Kung Fu has dipped to an all time low of one class per week. Also, provided the plans remain confirmed, next Thursday will be the long awaited first tutoring session in Photoshop.

I am still going strong with my guitar lessons and I am considering buying a new guitar, a piece of art so glorious it will require me to sell all non-essentials to both afford the instrument and have enough space to build its shrine.

I have been eating well lately, and I’m looking forward to warmer weather even if it means less sweaters. Hopefully I can steal some time this weekend to prep some posts for next week. I miss the world of blogging!

Yours truly,
Mike D.

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  • 3/3/2011 at 2:56 pm

    I even submitted a sweater pic today!


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