Genius Idea

A conversation between myself and Mr. Ryan Schenk

Ryan: Dude! Check this out
Mike D: Daaaaaaang
Ryan: I know.
Mike D: I’ll watch Erin McNaught try ANYTHING. She should have a TV show called “Watch Erin McNaught do stuff.”
Ryan: ha ha. I’d watch that show.
Mike D: Things I’d like to watch Erin McNaught do: drink a soda
Ryan: replace the batteries in the tv remote
Mike D: send a text message to a friend
Ryan: evaluate hair brushes
Mike D: clean her countertops
Ryan: address envelopes
Mike D: consider different options in the condiment aisle
Ryan: wait for a CD to finish burning
Mike D: winterize her windows
Ryan: make Kool-Aid
Mike D: reheat yesterday’s take-out lunch
Ryan: gaze listlessly out the window

Someone make this happen.

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