I had a fantastic weekend. Much of my days were spent in preparation for some exciting excavation work that’s going down at the House of Rock. I’m planning on having a concrete floor put in the garage and some more official stairs placed in the front of the house. So I had to make sure that the garage was clean enough for that to go down. After achieving suitable cleanliness levels, I headed out with Kevin to check out this season’s first roller derby bout (check the recap in the features section).

It was a fantastic good time. After the amazing bout we met up with Margo and Bevan and headed out to the after party. The party was a blast. It was great to hang out with Margo and Bevan and totally cool to be in a social environment with the roller girls. We got a close look at Chelsea Grin’s anatomically correct collar bone tattoo and also were able to witness first hand Pam Terror’s awesome hula hooping skills. Seriously. Awesome.

This week I’ll be doing some traveling, first to Mass then to Oregon, so my updates might be a little staggered. Stay tuned for exiting reports on the garage progress and continued reports of all other things fun.

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