A Plea for Assistance


Go here and vote for Sarah Anne Lewis.


Jesse sent me an urgent e-mail forward requesting help for his friend.

Chris Strobel’s girlfriend is a finalist for a chance to receive a free MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a really great person, and has the right type of vision, to actually make things happen globally. She needs people to vote for her, and the deadline to vote is Wednesday. If you get a chance, visit the website below, and cast a vote for Sarah Anne Lewis. Please note…Sarah is a little behind at present. She has not had much of a chance to self promote, because she has been in Nicaragua for the past two weeks, volunteering at a Cervical Cancer Clinic for women…no kidding…this is a seriously good person, who could make great things happen with an opportunity like this. It only takes 5 seconds to vote.


Please feel free to pass this on to family and friends.

Jesse added:

she’s quite far behind the other two candidates… (voting is on the right side of the page). if you need justification, there are linked videos with pitches for why to vote for a candidate. just consider it.

If you’d like to learn more about Sarah you can click here for her essay and bio.

At the time of this post, she had a mere 14% compared to her opponents. Voting ends November 4th.

Lastly, if you’re willing to share this link and this story on your own blog or googlereader, it would be much appreciated.

One thought on “A Plea for Assistance

  • 11/3/2009 at 11:57 am

    Our efforts are paying dividends.
    Sarah moved from a mere 14% to a whopping 15%!

    Frank is kicking her butt…

    But I just noticed two things in the rules:
    1) Voting started Nov. 2, so we weren’t that late.
    2) Voters only account for 50% of the decision. The other half is made by judges. So Even if Frank dominates here, Sarah could still win if the judges like her.


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