Where’s Mike D?

I haven’t been able to update my website as much lately because of the horror that is the House of Rock kitchen. Well, it’s not really a horror – I’m just redoing it.

The goal was to replace appliances, add lighting, and remove the drop ceiling. The drop ceiling has been quite the endeavor, and I suspect there will be more moaning and groaning this coming weekend. Last night Paulette loaned me her camera so that I’ll be able to take some pictures and keep everyone updated on progress. So keep an eye out for those as the next week or two pass.

Right now the drop ceiling is down – as is the plaster & dry wall ceiling that was above it. New lights have been installed in the main section, though the under-cabinet lighting and the soffits still need completion.

What else is new? Well, there was some roller derby this past weekend. i hope to have a recap written up and posted in the feature section sometime today or early tomorrow. It’s been a challenge returning to Kung Fu. I keep forgetting my forms and my sparring has dramatically worsened. That said, I started learning a new bo staff form last night which requires me to kick the end of my staff sending it spinning around my left wrist. Here’s an MSPaint depiction.

Yeah. Look out. Staff forms are intense. I’m eager to really get back into the swing of things because I really want to get started on Sword which is the next weapon of my kung fu journey.

I’m not sure if I already shared this, but a few weeks ago I saw a bunch of my kung fu friends training with Fans. I have always marveled at the awesomeness of Fan as a weapon. I got to talking with one of the instructors about weapons at higher levels. What’s written below isn’t accurate… but it’s something akin to this:

Purple belt: Staff
Adv. Brown belt: Sword
Black belt: Spear
1st Degree Black belt: Fan
2nd Degree Black belt: 3 sectional staff
3rd Degree Black belt: … I forget, maybe double sword?
4th Degree Black belt: Saw Horse.

WHAAAAT?!? SAW HORSE?!@?!? Imagine being proficient in Saw Horse?

Anyway, that’s what’s new. Stay tuned for more kitchen renovation stories.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Mike D?

  • 3/18/2009 at 9:31 am

    What degree do you have to be before you start using the hoe?

  • 3/18/2009 at 3:28 pm

    Black belts at my school need to learn a Flute form.


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