Back to School

Friday was the start of my fall semester. This is both exciting and tragic. It’s tragic because losing Friday nights (and selected Saturdays) tends to put a damper on fun, especially if those nights full of potent potential are replaced with sitting in a classroom. The start of the semester is exciting because there are only two semesters left of this feisty MBA; that means the countdown is on. As of right now, I have a mere 29 classes left. That’s 156 hours. Look out friends… we’re close. Friday was okay. I love the professor of my Organizational Change course, but it’s still course work. And like a college shower, the classrooms at RPI have the unfortunate characteristic of being either Way too hot, or Way too cold. Friday was way too cold.

One good thing about class in Hartford is that it’s amazingly close to Darcy’s house. Post class I met up with Darcy and Schuyler. They introduced me to the fantastic Jobonga and we all hit up Plan B for burgers. Have I talked about Plan B before? Oh man. It’s a place in West Hartford and they really know how to make some delicious foods. If you’re a CT resident or a lover of beef, you must must must check it out.

Saturday, I worked. Afterwards, I zipped up to Darcy’s yet again. This time to meet with Vivienne and James. We did some crafts, ate Ethiopian food, and watched some movies. It was a welcome release after a day of work.

On Sunday I went to the New Britain American Art Museum with Dr. Scott. There was an exhibit on Chihuly’s glass work. Whew. That guy can Glass it up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures of the glass exhibit, but there was this cup exhibit which was pretty impressive. The photo doesn’t quite do it, but it certainly gives an idea of the glory.

Art can be pretty fun, I need to spend more time at museums.

Unfortunately, despite the beautiful beautiful weather, I really didn’t get outside much yesterday. There was some mighty climbing going on, but I felt like I needed something with a little less time requirement. Frisbee would have been perfect or perhaps just a BBQ on the grass with friends. Sadly neither of these things came to pass. Next time good weather rolls through, I’ll have to plan a picnic.

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