These Mondays keep sneaking up on us. We’re all relaxed into Sunday night and then… BANG. It’s Monday morning again. Here’s a recap on all things Mike D.

The next two weeks are going to be a bit off the charts with respects to work. Between travel and deadlines, it’s going to be out of this world. The problem light remains on.

Our band.
Our band continues to rock without a name. I started learning “Mailman” by Soundgarden. DANG. Wow. I really really appreciate soundgarden. Jesse and I spent some phone conversations this weekend trying to figure out the timing in the verses. I was thinking it was: 4, 4, 4, 4, 6, 3, 4. But Jesse figured out that it was 8, 8, 7, 6. Look up the song on Youtube and count the beats. It’s truly a remarkable tune.

There was a DDR get together on Saturday night. Darcy, Shaun, and I danced with powerful vigor.

The Website.
Ryan Schenk continues to be annoyed at the advertising. He’s going to be especially excited when he learns that I was just contacted by a new advertiser. Perhaps I can sell out even more (yes!).

We’ve been reading about political work styles. Perhaps I’ll make a post about it, it’s moderately interesting. Despite this, all the homework is really putting a damper on my…

Haven’t been. School’s been annoying.

Kung Fu.
I hope that work and school won’t bust up my kung fu plans. I really want to get to those seminars next week.

Cape Cod.
It’s Cape Cod season! I’m hoping to zip out to Cape Cod this weekend for some fun with my sister. It’ll be nice to escape.

The Eating.
I’d mentioned wanting to improve my diet. This weekend was a good one for food. I had a wealth of veggies and tasty meals. I made my Dad’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe, my sister’s Pan Fried Noodles, and my dad’s Pizza recipe. Delish! And on my Mom’s suggestion, I’ve started having a small bowl of yogurt with granola as a tasty breakfast additive. It’s a good move.

And that’s it! How are things in your life?

3 thoughts on “Monday

  • 6/2/2008 at 3:56 pm

    Yeah 8,8,7,6
    wierd timing for sure.
    Rock on, however.

  • 6/2/2008 at 5:58 pm

    I finished listening to Mailman, and here’s the analysis in the form of measures and accompanying lyrics

    Instrumental Intro

    Verse 1
    8,8,7,6 Hello don’t you know me…
    8,8,7,4 I’ve seen how you give…

    Chorus 1
    8,8,7 I know I’m headin’ for the bottom…
    8,8,7,6 But I’m ridin’ you all the way…

    Verse 2
    8,8,7,6 For all of your kisses…
    8,8,7,4 For all of the times….

    Chorus 2
    8,8,7, I know I’m headed for the bottom…
    8,8,8,8 But I’m ridin’ you all the way…

    8,8,8,8 Ridin’

    Verse 3
    8,8,7,6 My place was beneath you…
    8,8,7,4 A simple reminder…

    Chorus 3
    8,8,7 I know I’m headed for the bottom…
    7.5ish? (break)
    8,8,8,8 I’m ridin’ you all the way

    8,8,4 Ridin’


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