JonAbad Resurrected and Kung Fu

There’s a rumor going around that, the original internet, is coming back and that it’s going to be better than ever. Jon’s been working on it this week. Right now you won’t find anything more than a clip from Jurassic Park there… but Jon’s been tinkering. And when Jon tinkers, the world gets psyched.

In Kung Fu News….

Last night I was invited to warm up our Kung Fu class as an assistant instructor. How fun! It was great to get up there and get the class moving and stretched out. Afterwards, we had a great class. Unfortunately, I had pre-gamed with a monster steak and cheese sandwich, so there was definitely some ‘ugh’ in my ‘umph’.

We ended the class with my favorite body conditioning exercise where you stand opposite your partner and swing your arms together in a 3, or 7 move combo. It hurts like heck and this morning I have some sweet black and blue souvenirs on my arms to show for it.

Tonight it’s more Kung Fu and some much needed paper-writing for economics. Blast! I’m still without topic.

3 thoughts on “JonAbad Resurrected and Kung Fu

  • 5/7/2008 at 12:37 pm

    Love the pic, Mike. Cheddar Cheese Pretzel is the best variety of Combos. I’ve been avoiding them because of this diet/exercise thing I’m inflicting on myself this year. But I will get them soon, because they are too delicious to ignore.


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