Part IV: King’s Canyon Catastrophe

The return journey took probably 1-1.5 hours. Totally brutal. Every steep slope we had climbed on the way up looked entirely more treacherous on the way back down (especially now that if we started slipping, it was a face first dive into DOOM, which is for some reason more scary than rump first, if only because you can see the danger and cannot ignore it).

I’m obviously here to write this story, so we made it back safe and sound. That would be the end of the story in a non-ironic world, but we, at least Alicia and I, do NOT live in that world. When we reached the paved path again (this time it didn’t look so disappointing, even to us naturalists) we gazed upon a sight that we had missed in our eagerness to reach the falls so many hours prior. No more than 30 feet DOWNstream of the waterfall, there was a HUGE gorgeous pool to swim in, which required nothing but a hop over a fallen tree to get to, and provided everything we were looking for. Having just exerted ourselves in the California sun for 2 hours, we jumped in. And let me tell you, I now know joy.


One thought on “Part IV: King’s Canyon Catastrophe

  • 1/24/2008 at 10:57 pm

    Comment 1 – Hubba^2 !
    2 – This honeymoon looks awesome. I’m insanely jealous of you two.
    3 – Where’re the pics of Jesse in bathing attire? I mean, you know, for the ladies.


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