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  • 1/23/2008 at 3:59 pm

    #8 may have alternatively been interpreted as Sauron, though he’s not so much running through the savage land.
    And I guess he does have sprayed-on shorts, not a loin cloth.

    1. Who’s your favorite character (in all comics, not just X-men)?
    2. Did you ever play the old quarter-operated X-men arcade game? Did you also enjoy Colossus’s special attack?
    3. Who’s the lamest mutant ever? Keep in mind that Toad is still at least twice as cool as $*@#&!# Jubilee.
    4. Who would win in a fight between Magneto and Darth Vader?
    5. Is Mike D. less, or more girthy than the Blob?

  • 1/23/2008 at 4:20 pm

    Ah, but Sauron doesn’t have a tiger as a friend.

    1. Favorite character is Spectre from the 70’s. He’s a DC character and not well known, but he had a 10 comic run in Adventure Comics which was great. My favorite mainstream character is Superman (although the newest movie was awful, more on that to come with future posts).
    2. I loved that game! I was usually Cyclops and my best friend was always Wolverine. We must of beat that game a million times. I forgot Colossus’s special attack.
    3. Jubilee is the lamest mutant. Unless we start counting the Morlocks as mutants, some of them are pretty lame. Blob, while one of the first mutant villians conceived (I think issue #3), is also up there as hugely lame.
    4. Magneto so has Vader. He’d just pull all the hemoglobin out of James Earl and it’d be done.
    5. I’ll leave this one up the forum to decide. But, for reference, here’s a photo of the Blob: http://www.marveldirectory.com/individuals/b/blob.htm

  • 1/23/2008 at 4:25 pm

    10. could be Juggernaut, i guess the walls aren’t standing after he’s run through them, but he still made it through.

  • 1/23/2008 at 6:01 pm

    technically Juggy isnt a mutant, he just found a gem that made him unstoppable and a hubcap for a helmet

  • 1/23/2008 at 7:41 pm

    i remember playing that. A friend and I would play in the arcades and if someone asked to join we would beg them to be nightcrawler cause he had the best special move, but neither one of us like playing him.

    I loved the X-men/Marvel vs Capcom games. I always wished they would have come out with a Marvel Vs DC version, would have been awesome.


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