Airport Results!

If you were staying tuned to all the 720 post mayhem, you would have noticed that a week or so ago I posted an airport terminal quiz. Your task was to guess the city from the picture of the airport.

Here are the results of that quiz!

1 Ohare
2 Atlanta
3 Dallas
4 Reagan
5 Logan
6 Bradley
7 san Francisco
8 Heathrow
9 Midway
10 Los Angeles International
11 Houston
12 Denver
13 Tokyo
14 Frankfurt
15 Paris
16 Las Vegas
17 Bangkok
18 Newark
19 London Gatwick
20 Seattle
21 Miami
22 Beijing
23 Hong Kong

I hope for your sake that you were unable to identify a single airport.

One thought on “Airport Results!

  • 1/21/2008 at 8:33 am

    For those interested the results of the contest were such:

    Airport 1: Jocelyn (confirmed by Joel)
    Airport 2: Joel
    Airport 3: TimBaird (confirmed by Sander)
    Airport 4: Joel
    Airport 5: Shamus
    Airport 6: Joel
    Airport 7: Joel
    Airport 8: OH MAN! JOEL GOT IT WRONG. He guessed Tokyo. it is actually Heathrow.
    Airport 9: Joel again.
    Airport 10: Joel again.
    Airport 11: Joel.
    Airport 12: Joel. Seriously. How?
    Airport 13: Tokyo is correct. Dang. Joel.
    Airport 14: NONE!
    Airport 15: Joel. And apparently I left the name of the airport on the map. Oops.
    Airport 16: Joel.
    Airport 17: Joel.
    Airport 18: Joel.
    Airport 19: Joel.
    Airport 20: Joel.
    Airport 21: Joel.
    Airport 22: Joel.
    Airport 23: Joel.

    So… Joel wins. I’m amazed. well done dude.


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