Eagle and Snake.


It’s going to be hard to take down the largest land animal. Especially one that can accurately throw a Narwhal. But if anyone could do it, I think it’d be the world’s most poisonous creature a top one of the most intense creatures of the sky. They have flight and they have fight.

with repeat attacks they could slowly wear down the elephant. And the eagle would have no trouble flying in circles around a thrown Narwhal.

Elephant Narwhal.

Did you know that elephants have been known to use their tusks to hurl trees, and even attacking lions? It’s basically true. So why then could they not pick up a Narwhal and throw it like a spear? I can’t think of any real reason.


What else could pierce through the 5mm thick skin of a rhino than the tusk of the deadly Narwhal. Yes. This team would hit the Rhino baboon team HARD. And once the rhino is down, with the tusk of a Narwhal through it’s hide, the baboon would have little chance against the power and fortitude of the trampling elephant.

Rhino Baboon.


Few creatures could stand up to the navigational skills of a baboon and the sheer brutality of a Rhino. This team would DECIMATE the giraffe cobra team. Why? While the giraffe and cobra have an amazing striking distance, it’s near impossible to pierce the armor like skin of a Rhino. It’s 5mm THICK! Sure, the baboon might fall to the strike of the cobra, but no Giraffe could stay upright against the thundering force of a charging Rhino.

No contest.