Favorite T-Shirt!

I bought this shirt at the Abbey Road Studio while I was a student in London. I was lucky enough to be in the city during the first ever Abbey Road Film Festival. The festival showcased several of the most successful films of all time, each film featuring a memorable score that was recorded in Abbey Road Studio 1. Think ‘Indiana Jones,’ most of the ‘Star Wars’ movies, ‘Lord of the Rings,’ … etc. I got to see ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ which has always been a favorite of mine. John Williams was in the same studio within a few weeks of the festival to record the ‘Star Wars Episode III’ score. Word.


The t-shirt was purchased right down the hall from Studio 1, in Abbey Road Studio 2. Studio 2 is a quaint little setup that, in its heyday, was frequented by a little band affectionately known as THE FREAKING BEATLES. The studio had never been open to the public before. So… yeah, that was amazing.

Please note that this shirt is waaaaaay too small for me. I think I must have been delusional when I bought it in this size (UK MED, US XXXS). I’ve never actually worn it. Someday, I hope to be able to undergo a drastic surgical procedure that will allow me to actually wear this shirt so that people will finally believe that I really have been to Mecca.

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