Night of Adventures? I think Yes.

Tonight after work I met up with Jocelyn. We had a hilarious eating extravaganza in Chicago’s China town. The food was really really amazing and the laughter was awesome. I haven’t hung out with Jocelyn much before so it was extra fun. After stuffing ourselves with various chinese dishes and a really amazing soup, we strolled through China town expanding our cultural vim and vigor.

After eating, Cindy picked me up for a night of Gymnastics.


Yes. Gymnastics. And it was really sweet. Cindy goes to a Gymnastic Academy that has adult beginner classes every Tuesday and Thursday. We started with some basic warm ups which entailed jumping over various obstacles and doing cartwheels and tumbling passes.

Tumbling passes.

There were three types of people there. The first type were the cute chicks who were able to jump and spin in various directions. (on purpose). They were, by default, extremely attractive. Then there were the dudes who did Parkour. There were probably a good dozen of them. They were really amazing at running and jumping in a manner that looked insanely awesome. At one point they were running and flipping off walls. Why? because it’s awesome. and that’s what parkour people do.

The third type of people were the people like me. The people who really couldn’t do anything awesome but tried really hard.

And I tried everything they threw at me. Some great tips got me to a point where I could land a front handspring in a crouch (not pretty, nor functional, but it felt awesome) and land a front flip on the TRAMPOLINE TRACK. A trampoline track? YES.

The trampoline track was a big long stretch of trampoline that you could run down and then do wild tricks and land on a super cushiony pad. Amazing!

And strangely enough the Chinese food didn’t give me any major problems while I was doing forward rolls and various spinning moves.

I had tons of fun. Special thanks to Jocelyn and Cindy for sharing Chicago with me. Rock!!

One thought on “Night of Adventures? I think Yes.

  • 11/16/2007 at 1:00 pm

    i was promised an MS paint rendering of us flipping, and me wearing leg warmers. don’t think i forgot.


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