East Peak & Pinnacle

This weekend was great! Saturday my class let out a bit early so I met up with Devin for some climbing over at East Peak.

East Peak is just a tough location for climbing. It’s plagued with loose rock and heavy shrubbery. Shaun L. helped us out a bit by driving us up to the top (there’s a road… but it closes at 4:45). After a nasty hike to the base of the Ampitheater, we whipped out a few crack climbs on the Shakespeare wall. The Shakespeare wall is a wall where all the climbs are named after Shakespeare’s plays. Climbers may be a feisty bunch, but we’re not completely illiterate.

A few feet up off the ground on ‘Taming of the Shrew’ Devin took a pretty nasty fall. He hadn’t put his first piece of gear in yet and lost a foothold. He only fell about 6-8 feet, but his hand was jammed at the time so he twisted it badly. The injury didn’t stop him though. Devin is a machine.

After that, we worked an offwidth and I led ‘Much ado about nothing’. It was a 5.5 which would have been better soloed. At 25 feet tall, it was more a bouldering problem than a climb.

Exciting new climbing term!!
Trundle: to purposely let loose a rock off a climb, perhaps to prevent a future climber from inadvertently knocking it off during a climb later on.

Sunday I went climbing again, this time with Paulette and Michelle at Pinnacle.

Tying in.

I taught the girls how to set up a toprope and we worked Zambezi (5.7+) and Suffocation (5.6). It was fun and the weather was beautiful.

After climbing we went back to Michelle’s place. Tony met up with us and we shared in delicious BBQ, swimming, and overall great times. I think it was the ideal summer Sunday.


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  • 7/10/2007 at 1:11 pm

    yay climbing! it had been too long


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