Pranks: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Prank 1 – The Guardian Shield Maneuver

As the summer progressed, we came to know the Yellow House well. I regularly stopped by their house on the way home from Subway. As the weeks turned into months, I began collecting data from the House in preparation for our first prank… whatever it might be.

First, I created a floor plan.

Next there were various scouting missions where pictures were taken.

Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, Upstairs bath, 3rd Floor Hall, 3rd Floor Kitchen

But we still didn’t have a good prank. Then, out of no where, Ben and Godlewski stumbled upon a huge cache of little toys.

The Guardians

They were originally owned by Chris O’Malley, but Ben and Godlewski decided it would be fun to hide them all over the second floor of HnH. And that they did. And it was hilarious.

Clearly we had to repeat this exercise with the Yellow House.

And thus it was decided that we would break into the Yellow House during the night and hide things everywhere. Everywhere meaning: in their showers, in their cereal, in their shoes, and freezer. Anywhere where we could fit them.

We named the little toys Guardians and ordered 230 of them from giving us a grand total of about 250. Not all of them were little dudes. Most of them were actually small animals and such.

We knew we had to do this at night. We also knew that it was extremely simple to break into the Yellow House. With 19 people roaming around, it was cake to walk in… unlock a window… and walk out. The problem was that we really didn’t want to leave a door or window of the house unlocked. Especially in Worcester where crime strikes like an cobra. A big angry cobra that is also very dirty and has a bad infrastructure.

I don’t remember how the idea came about, but it was genius. In the evening I would walk into the Yellow house with Ben, under the ruse that I wanted to show him the sweet house layout. As soon as we were in the clear, we’d head into the basement and unlock the back door. Kurt, a.k.a. Agent Eastie, was waiting for us there equipped with a blanket, flashlight, radio, and various methods of passing the time.

He would wait there… for 6 hours. At 4am he would arise and contact us via walkie talkie.

At this point, we would send out the scout. The scout, Agent Dirt, would record locations of every light that was on in the house so that we would be aware of any house members that were awake.

Provided the coast was clear, Agent Eastie would unlock the back door and let in the teams.

The teams consisted of the following members:

Agent My Little Pony
Agent Eastie
Agent Dirt
Agent Zobo
Agent Almighty
Agent Extreme
Agent Ion
Agent Nightstalker
Agent Brighton

Each person was assigned a specific location to cover in Guardians.

The evening before the attack, we all met at HnH for the briefing.

This was the powerpoint that was shown.

At 10pm, as planned, Ben and I went over to the Yellow House. The Yellow House residents were all watching T.V. on the porch. They let us in… unaware of the mayhem that would soon fall upon them.

Ben and I snuck into the cellar and opened the back door. Kurt was there, ready. He immediately reported to his location and got settled for the long haul. Ben and I left through the front door.

We went back to HnH, and went to bed early.

At 4am, my alarm went off. I woke up, walked into the dark hallway, and knocked on JonAbad’s door. Moments later, Jon Abad appeared in full Camo* with the Mission Impossible Music blaring from his room. Agents started coming out, ready for action. Godlewski appeared next. He was wearing Night vision goggles. TimBaird appeared with video camera in hand.

Yes. this would be an epic night indeed.

Keep reading at Chapter Three.

*urban camo!

6 thoughts on “Pranks: Chapter 2

  • 3/28/2007 at 6:38 am

    Now I’m gonna make a little Side post down here with a few notes regarding this operation.

    1st of all, when we ordered these we came up with an ingenous plan to drive the “Yellow Bellies” mad. We numbered all the feet of those little guys. But we numbered them up to 275. ‘But you only had 250 of them, Kurt’. Thats right we did. We skipped a few numbers to give them the impression there were more hidden when in actuallity they found them all.
    2nd thing is by looking at his floor plan you would think MikeD did a slipshod job. But what he didn’t include was the key. Any brown patches wether they were on a door or on the floor, meant that it squeaked. He recorded all locations that would possibly give away our location to the unsuspecting inhabitants.

    I will write more about my experiences in the basement when that time comes.

  • 3/28/2007 at 4:29 pm

    I cannot wait to hear more, this is hilarious. You are possibly pranking all of us into believe this in the run up to April Fools Day???!!

  • 3/29/2007 at 1:39 pm

    No prank here Marian…This is all totally true. And the amazing thing is that I think both MikeD and I acheived straight A’s while wasting our time doing this crap.

  • 3/29/2007 at 3:52 pm

    I can vouch for this… many wasted hours pranking each other.

  • 3/30/2007 at 10:30 pm

    This is funny. It seems you spent just as much time preparing these posts as you did preparing for the prank. That’s hardcore, man.


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