Mostly Success!

Yesterday was mostly successful. Jesse and I got started about 8:30 or 9 with the intention of putting up a gutter, throwing out tons of trash, fixing a ceiling, finishing the mudroom, and, if time was on our side, maybe working on the basement.

The first thing we did was head over to Home Depot where we got 60 feet of gutter and the rest of the necessities for our days housework.

My prize purchase was a ladder.

I didn’t just get any ladder, I got a Gorilla Ladder.

I had been eying the Little Giant for a long time, but the $400 price tag made me extremely hesitant. The whole idea behind this ladder is that it is extremely adjustable. It folds in half, so it can be used as both a wall ladder and a standing ladder, and both sides can be adjusted lengthwise so it can be used on stairs, as supports for 5-6 foot scaffolding, etc, etc.

Being that we needed to do some gutter work, yesterday I was plum ready to drop the cash for a ladder. Then, Jesse saw the Gorilla Ladder. All the same functionality, half the price!

Three cheers for ladders!
Look at the Majesty!

And the ladder is indeed awesome. It fit inside the Nissan and can extend to the roof line of most two story homes. It treated us well for the garage’s gutter.

Unfortunately the House gutter that was missing is closer to 2.5 stories high and even the Gorilla can’t solve that problem.

Otherwise the day went well, but sadly, we didn’t have enough time for the basement work. Home selling is a pain in the butt.

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  • 3/9/2007 at 9:09 am

    There’s another whole row of warnings on the other side!



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