Return of the Texas

Good morning readers! On this fine Monday morning I depart to Texas for another week of southern adventure and engineering mayhem. This trip should actually be pretty enjoyable. Today my schedule consists of traveling. I’ll probably get to my final destination around 5pm at which point I will relax, read, and get to bed early. Tuesday will be absolutely nuts. But Wednesday and Thursday will consist largely of tours and meetings. I will return on Friday in time for my accounting class.

My original personal goal for this Texas trip was to see a Rodeo. I want to see a Rodeo. I have been to Texas probably 8-10 times. It is alarming that I still haven’t been to a Rodeo, which is, in fact, the official state sport of Texas. Unfortunately, the Rodeo season is from April to October (who knew!?!) I’ve checked calendars of events and unfortunately I can’t seem to find any other wild events. Do we have any Dallas fort worth natives out there with great entertainment suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Return of the Texas

  • 1/22/2007 at 8:09 am


    I could have told you that there was a rodeo season… if you’d asked…

    The season has to do with the original reasons behind the rodeos which is to have something fun for the cowboys to do after they deliver the cattle to the market to get bought and sold. In Houston, and I imagine in other places as well, there is still a pretty big livestock show component to the rodeo.

  • 1/25/2007 at 11:41 am

    What? You’ve never heard of cable? And even ABC broadcasts some rodeo. Though I admit it’s probably not the same as seeing one in person. On the TV you can actually see what’s happening, even if you can’t smell the blood.


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