I did indeed make it to the BSO last night. Pepe Romero’s guitar skills were sick and the orchestra was powerful. Erich, Kim, Jesse and I had front row seats which gave us a wonderful view of Pepe’s miracle fingers. These fingers would best be described by the word ‘fast.’

Also….there was no mic on the guitar but the sound still filled symphony hall. It was humbling listening to his music. It was also extremely fun to see my sister play with the BSO. Great job Alicia!

A few other fun things happened. In one of the final movements of the final piece, the timpani came in furiously at the conductor’s cue. Because of our proximity to the stage, we could immediately notice the violin players stifling laughs. Violin #9 caught the eye of Viola 1. They smiled at each other. Violin #5 actually turned her head to catch the eye of one of the other violins behind her. What was so funny?

I spoke with Alicia afterwards and she informed me that usually the Timpani’s came in quiet and reserved at that point. But that this time, the musician decided to belt it out. The humor was just too much for the violins to handle.

Also, because of our Row A seats, our heads were right at the level of the orchestra’s feet. Jesse, who was sitting behind us, leaned forward just after the admission and whispered to me:

“New game, find the musician with the most exciting socks.”
he then leaned back in his chair and said
“so far, I’m not impressed.”

The woman next to him only heard the second statement and turned in shock and horror at Jesse’s disapproval of this phenomenal group of musicians.

The only bummer of the night was the fact that we got back to the HoR close to 2:30am. I am one very tired mike d.

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