Rodent Update

First there was the mouse that mike d. caught
the first from our rodent zoo
When we opened the trap to let him free
he jumped away like a kangaroo

Then there was the mouse that Thomas caught
he had tempted it with cake
we drove a few miles to let him free
just south of Mirror Lake

Mouse #3 was caught in the morning
so we put him in a large blue bin
there were two when we came back later that night
#4 must have fallen in

Mouse #5 was caught by hand
while Thomas was on patrol
He was a baby mouse and was having trouble
jumping back into the mouse hole

Mouse #6 was caught the next day
and I think we can all agree
no one expected until the release
#6 knew how to climb trees

And now that Mouse #7 was caught
in our haveahart trapping device
The House of Rock is hopeful
that we are now free of mice.

One thought on “Rodent Update

  • 10/5/2006 at 8:29 pm

    Dude sometimes I think you put WAY too much time into this kinda stuff.


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