Cursed Transmission

The Nissan’s transmission pan is extremely annoying.

This past weekend I noticed that I was leaking transmission oil. Upon close examination it appeared that the pan was severely malformed. So, I hit up a junk yard on Monday and purchased a new pan for 40 bucks. What a deal! When I got home, I emptied the fluid, switched the filter out, and cleaned and replaced the pan. Yet, after reassembly when I poured a little oil in… it continued to leak.

I soon realized that I had pinched the gasket in a funky way between the pan and the base of the transmission enclosure. So I removed the pan again, and carefully reseated the slightly deformed gasket.

Obviously, the slightly deformed gasket was not oil tight and yesterday when I got home from work I found another huge puddle under my car. So, I hit up advanced auto AGAIN last night and worked in the late hours carefully cleaning and setting the gasket.

Come 11:30 or so, I was getting really irritated. My hand slipped as I was tightening the last of the bolts and I busted the bulb of my garage light. I groaned and grunted as I fumbled around in the shadows of the nissan and pulled my equipment out from underneath the car. I set up my funnel in the transaxial dipstick tube under the flickering light of the ceiling lights and started pouring oil. Immediately I heard oil hitting the ground. I had completely missed in my aiming of the funnel. Instead of pouring gracefully down the dipstick tube, oil was being poured all over the transmission casing.

I am Fantastic with my automobiles.

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