This weekend was loaded with hustle and bustle. Saturday involved all sorts of gardening and yard work as well as a visit from Tim Baird, some rock climbing, and some crazy fun hacky sack.

Sunday, we had a tree taken down in our front yard. We were all amazed and pleased and feeling great about our progress until we found two little baby birds laying on the ground beside the felled tree. Their nest had been in the tree and only upon seeing the little bodies did my ears hear the mother screeching her heart out overhead. It was stunning how quickly our spirits dropped. Jesse went in to internet-investigate ways to save little birds while Mrs. Marzullo and I carefully picked up the little guys and placed them in a small container with small woodchips and leaves.

Jesse came out shortly thereafter having researched the topic. We learned that if you put the birds in a small container in a place close to where the nest was previously, the mother will not reject them. We climbed onto the roof and lodged the box behind a downspout just outside my window. One of the birds was in very bad shape the other seemed to be moving more though still struggling.

I haven’t seen the mother approach our makeshift nest. And this morning the box lay unchanged outside my window.

After seeing those birds so helpless and weak, I had trouble getting to sleep last night.

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  • 5/8/2006 at 8:49 am

    aw mikey, that would break my heart. You need to call the local ASPCA. They’ll come and take the little babies and help them. Awwwwww. I’m so sad about this. Little birdies :(


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