One day and two states later, I’m back! I had planned on returning Tuesday, but the company asked me to make a quick stop over in Tulsa, Oklahoma so I ended up being a little delayed.

I had never been to Oklahoma, and let me tell you. It is just as flat as I had imagined. I did see cows, and bales of hay. But most importantly, I was able to check off another state on my “states I’ve been to list”

I figured it’s well enough time that I make said list graphical, so here it is!

I kept this one as a Bitmap so that if you have the same desire, you can just copy it into MSPaint and change the colors to match your destinations. I’m proud to say that Oklahoma put me at the 20 21* state mark.

Little contest: check off your own states and see if you can beat me. The person with the greatest state count** will get a day of mikedidonato.com accolades.

Game on!

*see comments

**LAYOVERS do not count. You must have left the airport to consider it a yellow state

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