For the Love of Taco Bell

Today I made a visit to the Meriden Taco Bell on E. Main St. The craving for that ultimate food, the Chalupa, had grown too strong to resist!

Despite the fact that I planned to purchase only a token taco and nachos in order to quench the hunger gnawing at me, I grew weak. The sights, the smells…they all combined into one overwhelming need. I could feel my body calling for it. The food I had denied it for so long, yet craved above all others – the CHALUPA!

That modern wonder, the chalupa. Golden fried goodness for a shell, nacho cheese, beef, cheddar, lettuce…nothing can top it. For a while I was slave to the Supreme Chalupa, and, just when I thought I had kicked the habit, they introduced the Nacho Cheese version. This culinary delight was too much to resist.

I ate 3 of them. Plus nachos and a huge Mountain Dew.

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