The company president walks into my office with a gift he received from a visiting Korean customer

President: Want some Ginseng?
mike d: huh?
President: Come on, let’s eat some Ginseng.
mike d: alright. it’s suppose to be good for memory right?

the president opens the ginseng container and produces little packets of ginseng. He gives us a little Ginseng history and comments on how it’s super super expensive.

I opened my Ginseng package and tried a little piece about the size of two rasins. Colored like apricot.

President: how is it?
mike d: eh. not bad.

I eat two more as the president grabs one. Sander grabs one. I eat two or three more.

President: it tastes like dirt.
Sander: nah… it tastes like sweet potato

I eat a couple more.

mike d: this is interesting stuff.

I eat one or two more.

the president turns over the package and reads the back aloud as I put four more in my mouth

President: “Directions. This product is portable. take two or three pieces at a time…”
mike d: uh oh. I just had about two dozen of these things.
Sander: what does it do?
President: it’s an aphrodisiac.
Sander: better tell Jesse to lock his door tonight.

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