an awesome IM.

Upon returning to my computer the other day I was greeted with this message:

Nicole: Mike D! I have a request from the brotherhood
Nicole: as of late APO has be lacking in Big awesomeness
Nicole: It’s sad
Nicole: so many bigs dont do anything or they make wicked lame binders
Nicole: A certain Nick C. specifically requested you come teach the new bigs this semester how to make binders of amazingness
Nicole: Betsy D confirmed your binder making skills
Nicole: and a wave of hushed conversation swept the room “Mike D the legend?” “can he really be true?”
Nicole: then Ernie who showed up for the meeting stood up
Nicole: and everyone was silenced by his alumni power
Nicole: and his own legendry glowed from within him
Nicole: as he cleared his throat and said
Nicole: “yes, the legend of Mike D is true, as I have seen him. He is both strong and powerful, and could kick batman’s butt any day. We are all not worthy”
Nicole: then a chorus broke into song
Nicole: and a flock of snow white doves … fresh snow, not that yellow kind…. flew in from the windows and suddenly….
Nicole: Ice Ice Baby broke out and there was break dancing and chocolate cake for all!

that’s right. Chocolate cake for all.

Thanks Nicole for the hilarity.

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