MSPaint Contest!

The challenge: Using MSPaint draw a picture of a penguin eating a bologna sandwich.

Only a few entries this week, but I think the drawings speak for themselves! Surprisingly, no one went the batman penguin route. In order to make up for it, I whipped up a quick penguin batman photo for the headline. you can vote on that one too if you want, but there’s no bologna. As I had asked for drama, I included some notes below each penguin post that points out the dramatic nature of each MSPainting. Enjoy!

Dynamic, evil penguin. This penguin could probably take darth vader.
Note the color gradient in the penguin’s mouth. Well done! this is not an easy thing to add to an MSPainting.

Calm, happy penguin. This penguin is probably friends with Martha Stewart.
I like this one because of its loose flowing lines and the vibrant colors. It’s very friendly and MSPaintish.

Cute, scared penguin. This penguin is afraid of butterflies.
The most worthy part of this picture is not the penguin at all, but the really awesome bologna!

Sleak, artistic penguin. This penguin, in addition to lifelike shading, has amazing aerodynamics.
I appreciate the effort that went into coloring this, the most realistic looking, penguin.

Worldy, traveled penguin. I think I’m going to ask the public to completely ignore the fact that part of this penguin is copied and pasted. Because the blatent C&Ping makes the picture that much better.
The eye is really good. Take a close look at it, and grasp the beauty.

And that’s that! 5 entries. 2 winners.

Vote for your favorite in each of these catagories

1. most dramatic
2. most inane

and while you’re at it, guess which is mine.
vote in the comments! and you’re not allowed to vote for your own.

8 thoughts on “MSPaint CONTEST: PENGUINS + BOLOGNA

  • 12/16/2005 at 8:54 am

    1. Penguin 3 – such detail in the cold cuts
    2. Penguin 5 – i cracked up when i saw this one

  • 12/16/2005 at 10:35 am

    Penguin 2 for most dramatic!
    Penguin 5 for most inane.

  • 12/16/2005 at 3:05 pm

    1. Penguin #4 for sheer aerodynamics.
    2. Penguin #5 because man, it’s gotta be hungry.

  • 12/16/2005 at 5:51 pm

    Comment by HollyandIvy (NOT smcquaid)
    1. Penguin #3 for total and complete cuteness.
    2. Penguin #3 for total and complete cuteness.

  • 12/16/2005 at 10:50 pm

    How the hell did Penguin #1 get that gradient in MSPaint? Is there more Photoshop-enabled chicanery afoot?

  • 12/18/2005 at 10:58 am

    Actually, this is very possible. In fact, I am quite certain that the artist did in fact make his own MSPaint gradiant.

    If you double click on a color that’s in the pallete at the bottom you can open up a color editing page. Then click “Define custom colors” and you will be allowed to change that color any way you’d like.

    The artist that completed this drawing changed adjusted the color by 10 points over and over again line by line to create the stunning picture shown.

  • 12/19/2005 at 11:35 am

    You could probably also just print-screen the color gradient screen in paint, crop the gradient, and then paste it over and over again next to eachother to produce a similar effect.


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