true cheapness

last night as we were leaving the rock climbing gym…

mike d: “(somewhat jokingly) if you have to use the bathroom, use it now so we don’t use up our toilet paper at home.”
Jesse: ::laughs:: “I think this is what Jill was talking about when she said there’s a thin line between being cheap and being anal. We could just steal a roll of toilet paper, it’s right there” points to stack of toilet paper.
mike d: ::laughs:: “I don’t condone stealing. I’m just saying…”
Jesse: “I suppose if we use the facilities here for their intended purpose, that’s not really being cheap. I’m going to use an exorbitant amount of paper towels to clean my hands ::pulls out five or six paper towels:: and if I happen to take the unused sheets home with me ::his sentence fades as he begins putting paper towels in his pockets::”

One thought on “true cheapness

  • 1/4/2005 at 5:36 pm

    Congratulations, boys! You’ve crossed the line!


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