I’m back!

well, Kentucky was pretty exciting, but I’m glad to be back.


last night I had a dream that I was running my second marathon. (in real life I have not yet run a first) There were only about 8 of us lined up and as we started I set out on a really smooth pace. In fact, I was doing great. At one point my friends from the companies Genuitweet and General Electweet came out to cheer me on. And wouldn’t you know, but my old friend Dan Charbeneau from General Electweet was there as well as Nina Simon who now worked for Genuitweet.

I felt that I was running really well. I was getting near the end and wasn’t the least bit tired. Then I saw the old lady. The old lady had started the marathon at the same time I did but she had run too fast in the beginning. now that she had slowed down I was able to easily coast by her.

the race ended in the town courthouse. We would run through the building, up a winding spiral staircase, and through the courtroom past the judges. I ran past the old lady as I started up the spiral staircase. One of the running officials standing halfway up the stairs said:
“keep it up, there are only ten minutes left before the race is officially ended.”
to which I thought: “sweet. I’ll have no problem getting to the finish by then.”

That’s when it happened. The old lady suddenly picked up speed. She was gaining on me. I screamed aloud: “engage legs! engage legs!” but I couldn’t increase my speed. The old lady passed me at the top of the stairs and zipped into the courtroom. I was running as hard as I could and I managed to almost meet up with her as we ran towards the front of the courtroom. Just as we reached the finish line I dove forward my body suspended in mid air as I desperately reached out to beat the old lady.

Microsoft Paint representation of finish line drama:
Engage Legs!

and with that the dream ended. yes, I may have been beaten by the old woman. But I also may have triumphed at the last moment and taken all the glory. just like Seabiscuit.

2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  • 11/12/2004 at 3:11 pm

    That’s harsh man. If only you hadn’t eaten so many grits down there, you probably would have been fit enough
    to be her. Better luck next time, buddy.

  • 11/13/2004 at 3:15 pm

    No wonder the old woman was such a competitor! Look at the size of her head! She’s obviously using her psychic powers to boost her speed and lessen yours. Luckily your hair curvature deflected the bulk of the mental waves and I would put my money on Mike D, gold medalist.


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