#6: Tiny, tiny print

The Question

Shaun of Mystery,
Why does the business section of the newspaper still have pages and pages of stock activity?
Aren’t investors wired these days and just looking this stuff up via fancy webpages and such things?

Comment by jon abad — 9/24/2004 @ 2:10 pm

The Answer

Three reasons.

One is tradition. That’s the way it’s always been; that’s the way it is.

Another is because the newspaper financial listings aren’t intended for the stock market guru – they are targeted at the personal investor who wants to quickly check the stocks over coffee and a bagel. Not all personal investors are as tech-savvy as you and me, buddy!

The final (and most influential) reason is because grandmothers reads them there, and if they disappointed that group, whoo boy, trouble would be a-coming.

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